Florals, stripes, leaves, scrolls, geometrics, or textures - this is where you can make your own personal statement and a true reflection of yourself. Consider the space you are decorating - living, bedroom, dining – it can be as bold or subdued as you like. It is also where you can add tremendous value to your home and create that ‘wow factor’.

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There are several different types of fabric, all of which are suitable for use in the home for different reasons. Fabrics fall into varying categories, and you will find yourself deciding on design, colour or application, depending on where the fabric will be used. Below is a guide to the different types of fabric which are available, and how they can best be used.



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Jacquard is a form of loom weaving where each warp thread is raised independently. As a result, there is an extremely high level of pattern control, which leads to a wide selection of stunning fabrics.

Woven patterns lift a room and allow you to make a statement. The designs cover the full spectrum of style and colour options. Woven jacquards are likely to feature more than one colour, and this can allow you to use these multiple colours across the rest of your home décor.

 A great way to add pattern is to use a decorative fabric in your pelmet, tie backs or cushions and choose the plain coordinate fabric from the collection in your drapes.




Printed fabrics are available in a multitude of colourways. The designs can vary greatly, and can feature anything from stripes, traditional scrolls, contemporary geometrics, floral designs, botanical leaves, and novelty animals or fruits.

They are likely to feature more than one colour or more than one tone of the same colour. This can mean you have more flexibility when it comes to the colour of your other décor, as there are more colours in the print that you can choose to tone in with.




Plains fabrics tend to feature one main colour. They come in a variety of textures and can have small stripes or patterns woven into the fabric, although these will usually be in the same colour or a very similar tone. Plain fabrics have the advantage of enhancing other features of the room rather than taking the focus and are a great way to make the room flow and feel harmonious.




This lovely, lightweight woven fabric is excellent for windows when you still want a lot of light to come through into the room.  Sheer and voile fabrics soften the look of a room and add texture and movement. These fabrics are perfect for diffusing sunlight and adding privacy, whilst allowing you to keep your views. Sheers and voiles are mostly layered over a blind or beneath your drapes.

Some decorative sheers are available with prints and patterns woven into them. These can be layered over the a colour-matched lining to give an eye-catching look.




Many of our fabrics are also available Blockout Coated. These fabrics have a backing applied to the back side of the fabric with helps to block out the light. Additional lining is not required, which makes it a cost-effective fabric choice. All our Blockout coated fabrics are independently tested to have the highest possible UV block out rating of 50+.



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As the name suggests, these fabrics are woven with 3 layers. Triple weaves provide a similar amount of light blocking as a lined curtain, without the need for lining. This technologically advanced fabric is woven so that the blockout fibres are encased in 2 outer layers. The face layer is where the colour and design appear, the middle layer is a densely woven black yarn that blocks the light, and the back layer is usually a plain white or complementary colour.

Triple weaves are machine washable and flame retardant.