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Over the past 50 years, Basford Brands have had a culture of innovation in quality control... Read more


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Our chat with Cath

Given the recent launch of our Cath Kidston line for Sekers we decided to sit... View More

Creating a Home Office using Acoustic Curtains

  Working to make your home office workable has become a very real reality for... View More

Sekers Kinglsea and Dunraven Collection

NEW SEKERS COLLECTIONS | Kingslea & Dunraven "Artisan linen is quickly becoming the biggest trend... View More

Introducing Cath Kidston for Sekers

Catherine Isabel Audrey Kidston is an English fashion designer, and author whose company Cath Kidtson,... View More

Zaab Premium Inserts

Did you know that you can also purchase our premium Zaab Cushion Inserts in both... View More

Filigree lining protecting your home has never looked better!

  Choose Filigree linings and save on heating & cooling, cut greenhouse emissions, help achieve a... View More

Watch the virtual launch of our gorgeous tropical print Utopia!

Watch the launch of Utopia! Our gorgeous new release Utopia has been hand painted in-house... View More



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