We recommend that all curtains are lined using Filigree Linings fabric. There is a lining type to suit every application and environment. Lining extends the life of your curtains and allows you to maximize your investment. Lining fabric is used for light control and insulation. If you add lining to your curtains, you create a second layer of trapped air, and therefore further insulation from heat, cold, noise & light.


home symbol.png          Protect your family and your home

  Due to climate change and harsher ultraviolet rays, there is a strong need to protect your home from the harmful effects of exposure to UV. Ultraviolent light is a major factor in degradation of materials stored in the home. Curtain lining has been specially designed to block out the maximum amount of UV rays and protect your curtain fabric, furniture, carpets and skin.

All Filigree’s coated linings rate 50+, the highest rating possible as tested by the Australian and New Zealand UPF regulatory authority, ARPANSA.


save energy symbol.png          Save on heating and cooling

   Windows are prone to condensation, chill, and heat loss during winter. Just a single degree drop in your home adds 10% to your heating bill. The inverse is true in summer, as glass exacerbates the effect of the sun’s heat. Energy-loss savings of up to 40% can be achieved with heavy curtains, pelmets and curtain linings.

If you do not have adequate insulation and drapery, your heating and cooling energy is going to waste.


6star symbol.png         Help achieve a 6-star energy rating and cut greenhouse emissions

   An adequately lined curtain effectively reduces your heating and cooling costs and your home’s carbon footprint, making it easier than ever to achieve an optimal 6-star energy rating.



reduce noise symbol.png        Reduce noise & light

   Curtain linings turn day into night, offering room darkening, privacy and protection. Ideal for shift workers, babies or home theatres, ambient light noise can be reduced by using curtains backed with quality lining. Noise absorption creates a peaceful environment for babies, children, adults, and pets.