Our design team have just returned from a trip to Europe. They visited trade fairs, met with supplier and gathered the latest trend inspiration from all the european retailers. 

First stop was Istanbul, Turkey to attend the trade fair Evteks and take in the sumptuous architecture and ancient culture of this intriguing city.


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 Next up was London, to check out the latest trends in interiors, fashion and design. We were hoping to catch a Royal baby announcment, but alas, we were just a bit early!

We followed it up with a trip to Como in Italy to visit the Proposte textile fair. This fair brings together the best textile suppliers from across Europe and the world, all in one beautiful setting on the shores of Lake Como. Inspiration abounds when you are in such wonderful destinations, and we are very excited to start working on our new collections for 2020.

 IMG20190416174742.jpg  IMG20190417134131.jpg  45ab135e603b269d1bf5f1eefccc8922.jpg