Imperfect Beauty Trend 2020 and beyond

We are happy to share with you our upcoming trends for 2020 and beyond.

Imperfect Beauty’s colour palletes include soothing self-assured neutrals, earthy tones and calm pastels Featuring ochre, clay, dusty rose, chalky blues and sage greens.

Textures and surfaces are irregular, raw and eroded with linen, marled yarns and broken pattern used to celebrate the understated and natural beauty that is luxurious and imperfect.

Furniture shapes are soft, rounded and organic while hard surfaces are textured with composites such as terrazzo, aged concrete, terracotta and marble looking slightly rugged with an emphasis on the irregular.

Accessories incorporate tufting, tassels, furs, natural wools and chunky textures while finishes such as crushing, pleating and washing are used to create and evoke the authenticity of this lasting trend.  

Imperfect Beauty trend board.jpg

Imperfect Beauty colours and shapes.jpg

Imperfect Beauty rooms.jpg