This year has definitely thrown some curve balls at the design and home furnishings industry, but with that comes an open door for new trends moving into 2021! This year saw statement blues, pastel pinks and bold shades of yellow, however neutral tones and shades have remained timeless throughout 2020. Since neutrals have been such a staple this year throughout the design industry, we have collated some of our favourites from our popular Sekers range and those our customers embraced.



5. Luminair Mist & Dawn

The first on our top 5 list is Luminair, a gorgeously decorative design, that incorporates a subtle ombre effect stripe with a very unique textured weave. Woven at 300cm, it is designed to be run continuous for ease of use and superior drape. The collection as a whole houses 6 colourways which covers neutrals with highlights of chartruese and soft blue, however Mist and Dawn steal the show, standing out as the most romatic neutrals of the bunch. 

Our designers loved the way Luminair flaunted a modern yet vintage feel that appealed to so many different design aesthetics and ultimately had to be included in our Top 5 neutrals of 2020. 




4. Salvador in Flax and Sisal 

Taking the number 4 spot is our Salvador collection. This stunning collection on it's own is a masterpiece, available in five natural colourways, there is sure to be a colour to suit your interior scheme, however Flax and Sisal really tugged at our customers hearts this year. 

A gorgeous wide-width striped sheer. The cloth is finished with Airo Hand, a special steam & hot air treatment that has multiple benefits. Furthermore, it is woven from 100% natural Linen. Salvador is a classic design that will always look chic and fresh, which is why it made it into our top 5 neutrals for 2020. 




3. Eger Natural & Linen

The silent stunner of neutrals, Eger is an enchanting wide width cloth that has a subtle herringbone texture woven throughout. It gives a fluid drape and natural fall that one expects of a cloth that contains linen. Our designers wanted to create the ultimate Linen look design and to be frank, could not have done any better than the result of Eger. The 8 fabulous colours cover all bases from greys and naturals with a bright pop of fashion with Citrine & French Blue. Natural and Linen boast a romantic duo of both warm and cool shades which compliment each other perfectly. 

A truly spectacular fabric which stole the hearts of our customers throughout Australia and New Zealand in 2020. 




2. Isola Platinum 

Naturally we could not complete this list without a  pattern and our designers could not look past the beauty that is our Isola deisgn. An elegently decorative jacquard sheer design, Isola is woven with a classic design motif to create intricate patterning. The perfect drapery fabric tells a story of love and luster through its delicate curves and shapes. 

Woven at 290cm, the design runs continuous for easy making, and although available in 3 different colours, Platinum stands out just ever so slightly due its fantastic undertone and ability to be classically matched in a modern environment. 


Isola low res.jpg


1. Dunraven 

Finally, we have made it to the number one spot. Now when deliberating which neutral design would be the ultimate spot for our 2020 list I am sure you could imagine a room filled some of the best designer in Victoria battling it out for their nearest and dearest.... well you are wrong! It was a unanimous vote for the beautiful 100% linen sheer Dunraven. 

Released only a few months ago, this design has been the absolute epitome of a long awaited stunner.  Artisan linen is the biggest trend across soft furnishings, home wares and interiors. The authenticity of this lasting trend is now complete with Dunraven, our exquisite and timeless 100% linen sheer. Woven in Europe with the highest quality Italian yarn, and finished with the super soft Airo Hand™, Dunraven offers a superior drape and handle. 

Our designers really pushed to raise the bar for the saturated market that is Linen, seeking to release something that was luxurious, everyone would be screaming for new drapery moving in 2021... and that is exactly what happened. 

Our customers have been loving this sheer and its endless beauty. The extensive, on-trend colour line allows for a multitude of decorating styles, and the 300cm continuous width with weighted base allows for seamless curtains that make up beautifully. With such an extensive neutral colour line it was incredibly difficult for us to not pick the whole collection, however we managed to decide on just one! We picked Flint because it acts as such a beautiful base for any room aesthetic, appealing to all pops of colour one may desire. It is also able to be paired easily with all of its colour counterparts in the collection, as well as the sister of the release, Kinglsey our fabulous solid linen. 

 Dunraven was our single greatest achievement of 2020 and it is only fitting that it made it to our number 1 spot of our top 5 neutrals of 2020. 


Dunraven landscape low res.jpg