Given the recent launch of our Cath Kidston line for Sekers we decided to sit down with Cath and ask her some questions about her designs, her inspiration, and her thoughts on the changing industry. 



We feel that your designs relate well to the changes we are all adapting to through the health crisis, with a shift towards authenticity and staying at home more. What are your views on this? 

Our mission always is to brighten up your day. To find joy in the little things. And to see the extraordinary in the every day. Throughout lockdown, as a nation and as a Cath Kidston community, the slower pace of life and the uncertainty around everything called for more joy, more extraordinary – to be present and grateful for what made us smile. We hope our designs some bring joy to our customers during such an unprecedented time. We call them sunny staples – because we like to think they brighten up even the greyest of days (of which there are a lot here in Britain!).  


Do you think people have a yearning for nostalgia/nostalgic design when there is so much uncertainty in the world? 

There’s something magical about nostalgia when it’s done right. For us, it’s not just about being retro or being inspired by vintage. It’s about immersing ourselves into a memory of something real, an experience and a time we can all relate to, and exploring the sights, the sounds, the emotions. How that makes us feel is what we try to paint into our prints and our products. We want our customers to look at a print and be transported to that childhood holiday at the seaside in Devon, where they felt happy and safe and full of laughter. Who wouldn’t yearn for that always? But especially after the year we’ve had.  




How do you navigate the textile design world? Which current interior trends are you following? 

We’re not all that big on trends, never have been. Our hand drawn prints are created in-house by our talented team of designers. Over the years, we’ve crafted a distinct creative handwriting – full of British wit and charm – that we’re always looking to push and develop. Our designers take inspiration from the world around us and the joy in the everyday, from childhood memories, from art and nature, from vintage fabrics and wallpapers. We’ve always wanted our prints and products to stand the test of time, so while it’s important that we’re creating ranges that are relevant in our customers lives, we avoid getting caught up in what is ‘trendy’. 


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