Working to make your home office workable has become

a very real reality for many industry professionals.


"Using Basford Brands Contract Acoustic curtain fabrics is a is a simple and cost-effective way to improve indoor sound quality"


You had less than 24 hours to turn your lounge room, bedroom or make shift study into a full functioning home office, you suddenly

began to realise that a regular dining room chair was just not going to cut it, and the thought of having your family and pets operating

inside the house while you are trying to meet that 5pm deadline is only but a terrifying reality away!


So you have decided that your open plan lounge room is going to become your new 9-5 then keep reading.


The world wide web can be incredibly overwhelming,  so we have decided to summarise some key information about our

Acoustic fabric and the benefits it will bring to your newly found home office.


1. What is an Acoustic Fabric?  

An acoustic fabric is designed to reduce the reverberation or echo in a room. The fabric construction, and the yarn used, allows for excellent sound absorption.

Although not soundproof, Acoustic fabric will improve the quality of sound within a room by decreasing the reverberation of the echo without needing to invest in expensive panels and insulation.  


home office.jpg


2. What is sound absorption?  

Sound absorption is the measure of the amount of energy removed from the sound wave as the wave passes through a given thickness of material.

With the benefit of sound absorption, our fabrics will improve the quality of the sound within a room.


We commissioned an engineering firm to have Phonic and Audible measured for their Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) under the ISO 10534 Part 2. 

This measurement is designed to quantify the amount of sound the curtain will absorb. A value of 0 is equal to no sound absorption (i.e. concrete),

whereas a value of 1 means complete sound absorption. The higher the coefficient, the higher the amount of sound is absorbed,

leaving less to transmit into the environement. Our acoustic fabrics achieve a NRC of 0.66.




3. Where do Acoustic fabrics belong?


Acoustic can be used in both residential and commercial projects. The list is endless but the below will give you a clear picture.

Busy family homes with kids and pets; homes with high ceilings; home offices; restaurants and bars.

From a design point of view, because we use a triple weave base, therefore the draping capabilities are excellent.

Using Basford Brands Contract Acoustic is a simple and cost-effective way to improve indoor sound quality,

as opposed to using dedicated flooring solutions or acoustic panels.




Some other benefits include;


  • Hand Washable                                                                                      
  • Fire Retardent as per AS/NZ51530.2 & 3                                                  
  • Made our 100% ultra-durable Polyester with a subtle triple weave linen look
  • Available in 10 colours and two sizes (160cm & 320cm)                          


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