Artisan is influenced by the 'handmade' trend with craft at its core. Designers are showing a more hands-on attitude and approach in response to a cultural phenomenon of people wanting to come together to craft. Late last year, Julia Renshaw covered a variety of trends she believed to be very prevalent over the next few years, and "Earth Bound" was a trend she touched spoke of confidently. It is that very instance reconnecting with the earth and encompassing raw and “from-the-earth” materials to fund our desires. Artisan speaks truthfully to this notion and thus we are going to cover some basics on how to adopt it whole heartedly into your home.


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Choose tactile furniture

One of the key elements in a room that can make or break your overall look or interior scheme is the furniture you choose. So, when choosing to celebrate the Artisan trend, channel it through your careful selection of artisanal furniture pieces. The shapes are simple and sculptural. There is a strong ‘hand-made’ element, we are perhaps making modern ‘cave-like’ environments here. There is a degree of, let’s call it, rustic minimalism at work here. The artisanal trend lends itself well to tactile furniture pieces.


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Incorporate varying textures

The artisanal trend also lends itself to natural environments that incorporate “clashing” elements that are often seen through textured fabrics and soft furnishings that invite visitors to explore. Artisan linen is the biggest trend across soft furnishings, mainly for its ability to boast a beautiful interior look without compromising on sustainability. The authenticity of this lasting trend has seen decades of spotlight in top interior design magazines such as Vogue Home and Habitat, and thus Linen curtains are a great way to create a warm and inviting environment while staying true to the origins of the Artisan trend. Solid and Sheer Linen curtains can be paired together to create a subdued layering look on your windows, and also add dimension to the appearance of flat concrete walls.

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Select neutral colourways with muted pops of colour

Since the day of dawn neutral colours such as white, beige, and grey have been the go-to choices for achieving a simplistic Artisan theme throughout your home. This is because neutral colours often reflect the natural shades and tones we would see from the earth through sand, dirt, and gravel. It is for this reason, when styling your furniture and soft furnishings, to create a consistent theme of neutral colourways to fully embrace the artisan trend. Now, this doesn’t mean you are not allowed to embrace any colours, in fact, the trend lends itself tremendously to natural and subdued colours such as olive greens, pastel pinks and patina yellows.