Open plan's not the end of the world!

More and more we see new development homes stray away from guarded rooms with four walls. As we move towards more open plan living, it can be hard to manage all areas with one design aesthetic, goal or style choice. Learn to create a multi-functional space which doubles up as the work/play/relaxation hub of your private abode.



How can we create fluid yet defined spaces in an open-plan home?

Firstly, using furniture items such as floor and or pendant lighting, buffet cabinets, rugs and floor plants can be used to draw the eye to a particular space in a room.  Placing the rugs beneath certain furniture groupings is a great technique in designating specific zones within a larger area.

Secondly, it is human nature for the mind to automatically group items together of similar colour, pattern and shape. Therefore, in an open plan lounge and dinning area, it would be wise to use matching couch cushions, throws or prints in the lounge/living area, while the dining area would utilise dining specific chairs with coordinating textile covering. This will help define the open space and create unity in an open-plan room.

Lastly, another great way to create room personalization within an open-plan living space is to utilise interior window furnishings. Mixing the soft window furnishing such as curtains within the lounge and dinning space and opting for blinds in the kitchen evokes different aesthetic perceptions. By doing this one can easily assume that each room is different based on its practical choice for window furnishings and therefore exhibit a more defined look in an open-plan space.

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How to make an open-plan space feel inviting and intimate.

This question comes up all the time! It can be hard thing to avoid this issue when trying to work with an open-plan living space. A good technique in creating warm and intimate spaces is to install soft furnishings on the windows. Curtain drapery are the perfect solution to softening flat and neglected wall spaces whether there is a window there or not! Curtains can increase environmental cues of warm and safe feelings and act as a great option to further separate open plan living spaces.

TIP: Installing your curtains closer to the ceiling can also create the illusion of a more intimate and inviting space while adding height to your chosen room.

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What styles are recommended for an open-plan living space?

The style of furniture and furnishings really comes down to personal aesthetic, however, it is important that whatever style is chosen compliments the base build and interior architecture. It is also important to remember neutral bases with zoned pops of colours can be a great way to separate certain areas from each other. For example, if you are choosing a curtain fabric that showcases a decorative design or pattern for your lounge area, it is best to keep that colour scheme or design across one whole area of that room. Creating a cohesive scheme will help separate the different areas of the open space that you wanting to connect different atmospheric feelings to.

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