We are starting a new chapter in the world of sustainability and window furnishings. Maurice Kain in conjunction with Four Families, present the first of several drapery and blind collections created with high quality Recycled Polyester yarns made in Europe. 

By being amongst the first to offer Recycled Polyester blinds and drapery, we are thrilled to deliver excellent technical performance, with a smaller environmental footprint. Our Recycled yarn is made from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled PET products such as plastic bottles and packaging. Recycled Polyester lowers the demand for new petroleum-based products, thus reducing significantly the carbon footprint. This is just one of the many ways, we at Basford Brands, are taking steps to a more sustainable future. 


Our Recycled Process



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Featuring an abundance of sophisticated attributes, Rejuvenate represents 320cm of environmentally conscious luxury. Made from recycled Polyester, each meter of Rejuvenate fabric contains 81 one litre plastic bottles that have been recycled and prevented from entering landfill. Boasting an on-trend colour line of warm and cool neutrals that represent the many shades that take form in our nature, Rejuvenate offers subtle texture with a hint of personality for any interior aesthetic. When you choose Rejuvenate to furnish your window (average size), 400 plastic bottles are being removed from our precious environment. 

Rejuvenate is available in 10 different colours.


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You can download our Rejuvenate Digital Brochure here



SB-Woolamai is a recycled stiffened sheer blind fabric with luxurious attributes, and is made using 60% recycled yarn, which has been constructed out of plastic bottles! SB-Woolamai has been carefully crafted to coordinate with Woolamai Sheer Curtain Drapery Fabric by Maurice Kain for ultimate ease of styling.

SB-Woolamai is available in 9 different colours.




Are our Recycled Polyester fabrics any less durable?

No, Rejuvenate and SB-Woolamai have been curated to last! In fact, we are so confident, we guarantee it for 5 years!


Are they any less colour-fast?

No, Rejuvenate and SB Woolamai have rigorously tested to Australian Standards.  Our results exceeded the Standard ensuring the utmost quality in colour consistency.


Will they degrade over time?

Rejuvenate and SB Woolamai will perform on your windows exactly the same way products made from regular polyester will.


Are they actually saving the planet?

Yes, from a plastic pollution point of view, they do! For every average sized window you use to cover in either Rejuvenate or SB-Woolamai, you are directly preventing 400 plastic bottles from entering wasteful landfill. This also reduces tens of thousands of micro and macro plastic wastes from ending up in our ocean! 


 Click here to download our Make A Difference Infographic!