Filigree Linings and all you need to know about dark, warm, cool, quite and safe. 


1. Filigree linings make it Dark

Ideal for shift workers, babies or home theatres, Filigree Linings turn day into night, offering room darkening, privacy and protection. Filigree Linings offer a choice of three UPF grades of lining, approved by ARPANSA, the Australian and New Zealand regulatory authority.


2. Filigree linings keep it Warm 

Heat loss savings of up to 40%. Heat loss occurs more readily in Winter where your windows are prone to condensation and chill. Just a single degree fall in temperature in your home adds 10% to your heating bill! Adding Filigree Linings effectively reduces your heating costs and your home’s carbon footprint.


3. Filigree linings make it Cool

Climate change means our summers are becoming hotter! Protect those that you love, and the things that you love, by lining your curtains with Filigree Linings. You can protect your home contents against the harmful effects of UV rays such as fading and disintegration, with drapes backed by Filigree Linings.


4. Filigree linings keep it Quite

Ambient noise can be kept to a minimum by using curtains backed with Filigree Linings. Noise is absorbed creating a peaceful environment for babies, children and adults.


5. Filigree linings make it Safe 

Fire retardants are used to slow the spread or intensity of a fire. Part of the Filigree Lining range is fire retardant, making it the safest possible choice in both residential and commercial applications. To ensure optimum safety, the front fabric can be chosen from our range of our FR treated face fabrics.