Join us as we share with you our most beloved fabrics of 2021 at Basford Brands


Last year definitely threw some curve balls at the design and home furnishings industry, but with that comes an open door for new trends moving into the full swing of 2022! "We had a lot of fun introducing new colours, tones, textures, and patterns into our various libraries of fabrics throughout 2021, and although we are proud of everything we bring to market, there are definitely some that take the cake, and reign supreme amoungst the rest." - Michelle West, Associate Director - Basford Brands. "We have been very grateful to receive lots of positive feedback from our customers over the last 12 months, and the following fabrics have come out on top for being the most loved, not only from our customers from Australia and New Zealand, but our internal departments also." - Michelle West, Associate Director - Basford Brands.



Pilbara has been a fan favouite for many years now and 2021 was no different. The genius blend of Polyester and Linen is what provides it with a unique and outstanding drape and finish. The refined slub is consistent throughout - as an inherent quality of Line - and is softened visually, and to the touch, by its Polyester. Pilbara has proved to be a game changing fabric and has, since launch, paved the way for many other fabric discoveries and developments. It is for the reasons why Pilbara has formed one of our most loved fabrics of 2021.


Pilbara by Maurice Kain.jpg



Designed for light filtering properties, Lithgow follows a beautiful story of forest green and deep navy accents surrounded by natural and earth derived tones. "We worked incredibly hard to secure a unique semi-sheer base for Lithgow because we wanted to give interior enthusiasts, and designers alike, an opportunity to experience more privacy than a standard sheer drape would allow" says Michelle West - Associate Director of Basford Brands - offering the perfect balance for a stunning window furnishing. Since its launch Lithgow has become a household favourite by our customer base all across Australasia. "We see it online all the time; our customers are always sharing our photography and tagging us on social media after it has been installed in a consumers home; they always tell us how delighted they are to receive their sample hangers - and this is great to hear because it means we really achieved our goal when we sat down and began the development process." - Maya Vivian, Lead Product Developer and Designer - Baford Brands. 


Lithgow by Maurice Kain.jpg


Hairy Maclary

In 2021 we welcomed a first of its kind, licensed print collection - Hairy Maclary to our Maurice Kain library of fabrics. If the books weren't already loved enough, the printed curtain fabric, with its sister sheer design Walkout, was going to blow the drapery market away! And, IT DID! "Hairy Maclary has been received so well by our customers and our customers' customers, and we can confidently say, it has been a collection we have had the most fun with from conception through to final product" - Michelle West, Associate Director - Basford Brands. "Hairy Maclary was a chance for us to extend our limits and push the boundary of children's fabrics in general, because before this, there wasn't really anything that could suffice a children's bedroom from infancy through to middle age that was both good quality & good looking." - Maya Vivian, Lead Product Developer and Designer - Basford Brands. We worked closely with the license team, for many months, to achieve the perfect combination of pattern and colour, and the result is truly spectatuclar - Maya Vivian, Lead Product Developer and Designer - Basford Brands. It is for this reason why it had to be included as one of our most loved fabrics for 2021! With all this being said we are very certain it is going to continue to be a favourite in 2022 also!


Hairy Maclary and Walkout by Maurice Kain.jpg



Abaca, is our gorgeous linen look drapery fabric, which since release, has been a consistent winner in homes all around Australasia, and now has been extended to include a new range of trendy colourways to adhere to 2022 and beyond desires and trends. "Abaca is one of our most loved fabrics because it is famous for its’ soft luxurious drape, the thick and thin yarn create a natural slub effect and the advanced dye technique comes together to form a marle across the new extensive colour line." - Maya Vivian, Lead Product Developer and Designer - Basford Brands. It is also woven as a wide width fabric at 300cm it remains a perfect option for seam free curtains, thus with the rise in demand for high ceilings and large windows and open plan living, Abaca has been the go to choice. - Maya Vivian, Lead Product Developer and Design - Basford Brands. 


Hairy Maclary and Walkout by Maurice Kain.jpg