Colour, Texture, Tones, and More!


A brief for the “feel of a holiday house” translates as an evocative deep dive into colour, texture, and neutral tones. This collection was collated by incorporating calming creams and caramels revived deep forest greens, pale blush pinks, spontaneous navies, and eclectic tans and oranges.


Zaab Indoor Cushion Range.jpg


Design and Inspiration


As we have seen through the effects of Global Pandemic, sights have turned away from the calming “Scandi-led”, mid-century modern look onto something that seems to say ‘new start’. "Our goal was to have one’s home feel like a luxury villa; embracing what we intuitively seek in a holiday home" - Zaab Development Team.

This new collection offers a resurgence in bold, spirited design with a chic collective of forward-thinking creatives. Among the new designs you will see our ever so popular core ranges; London and Montauk, are back this season with new tones including an opulent Tan and Olive statement. “It’s altogether more vibrant, outwardly confident and even, at times, breathlessly optimistic”. – Zaab Development Team. We have also welcomed a new core story called ‘Osaka’ which is a textured plump staple to the collection as a whole.


Zaab Indoor Cushion Range.jpg


For the first time we have introduced a selection of trendy throw and floor rugs which have been designed specifically to coordinate with any diverse selection of cushions from the range. Hundreds of combinations will see unique pairings in a variety of homes around Australasia. “When we sat to decide how we could increase our product offering, rugs and throws automatically came to mind. But the real question was: how can we manipulate the material in a minimal way to give it a beautiful sense of form?” The rugs and throws are structured in a way that they are fit for purpose but also visually interesting.

“With every collection we release there has to be drama, production, provocation, mystery – all of these things feed our creative design process” – Zaab Development Team.

The cushions, throws and rugs, on their own form beautiful pieces of interior – but everything takes shape when they come together as one unified masterpiece.



Adding a touch of Sustainability


Sustainability is paramount. At Zaab it is our goal to mix smart design with innovative features. Adding touches of 'persuasive design' through exposed embroidery and tropical prints across a range of luxurious materials, now including our newly introduced Recycled Cotton yarn.

Our Recycled Cotton comes from a few sourcing initiatives, and usually involves a mix of waste Cotton generated during the raw Cotton process at the mils; waste fabric cutting generated during the garment making process at the mills, and lastly, post-consumer old garments.

In the case of the fabric cuttings and old garments; the material is segregated by colour, is then washed and treated to break it down back to a usable fibre stage. This fibre is then again converted to yarn and woven into our luxurious cushion products. We are only at the beginning of our sustainability journey and hope to introduce more recycled products and recycled content as we progress.


Zaab Recycled Cotton Production Process.jpg