You’re doing it wrong. Here's how to make it right.


Moving house or starting a renovation project might seem like an obvious time to reconsider your space, but you don't need to wait for a milestone to reinvigorate a room. In fact, if you're one of many who have spent the last couple of years or so working remotely, now is the perfect time to press pause and create a space that reflects the way you live. Thankfully, you don't need to commit to a gut overhaul to breathe life into a dated space. We called on Maya Vivian, Textile Designer and Developer to share five easy interior design improvements that involve minimal effort and have maximum impact. Try these simple yet strategic upgrades for a fresh home and perhaps even a fresh outlook on the year ahead.


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1. Streamline your design style

What interior style appeals to you? Do you love clean lines, natural materials and calming neutral tones? Or do you prefer dramatic high shine surfaces, pops of jewel-tone colour and the decadence of sumptuous deep pile velvet? The most important decision when starting any interior refresh, says Maya, is to choose an aesthetic that reflects your personality. Narrowing the field to a specific style helps you focus — and identify any items that are amiss within your current space.


2. Limit your colour palette to three shades


Overdoing it with too many accent colours or themes is one of the fastest ways to make a luxurious space feel tacky—no matter how much you spend on it. “My advice is the 'rule of three' and to limit your interior palette to just three shades,” says Maya. “This keeps the aesthetic consistent and cohesive.”


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3. Donate or refurbish hand-me-down furniture


What should you do with all that cedar furniture you inherited from a distant relative? If you can’t bear to part with a piece why not try refurbishing it with varnish or upholstery in a fresh colour or vibrant pattern? "I absolutley love exploring places like Facebook marketplace or local markets for unique antique furnture that can either be upcycled into something new or slightly refurbished for a bright new look" says Maya. If you're still feeling uninspired, consider putting some of your favourite pieces in storage and donating anything that doesn't hold sentimental value.


4. Layer trend-forward pieces


Interior designers know that trends should be followed with caution; There's a fine line between creating a space that feels of-the-moment versus overly trend-driven. Maya recommends assessing your home through this simple lens: “Ultimately it’s best to start with timeless pieces and accent with smaller contemporary accessories that can be updated as the trend evolves,” says Maya. "Cushions and various other decor items are great for this reason. They often have low-investment yields and are easy to incoporate into personal taste parameters" Maya suggests.


5. Remove clutter!


Lastly, cast an eye over your space and remove any visual clutter, including tangled cords and tchotchkes that no longer bring you joy. “A statement piece should be exactly that: just one bold item and not multiple.” No matter your budget or aesthetic, Maya' advice tends to hold true: “When it comes to creating your dream space, less is almost always best. I like to stick to doing small cleanouts every month or so and one big cleanout every season to prepare for the influx of new or refurnished items that suit how my interior style has developed and changed".


5 quick and easy interior design trends to refresh your space.jpg