Get your home comfort-ready for festive season!


Our homes are the “hub” of the holiday season. It’s where we gather with our loved ones to eat, play, and celebrate together. But let’s be honest: preparing our homes for the holidays can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when we’re trying to stick to a budget. Here are a few tips from our team to ensuring your home is comfort ready for festive season.




We live in the age of 'stuff' as trends come and go some quickly throughout the year this often leads us to hold onto and hoard mountains of past season decor items. You can do yourself a massive favour prior to the festive season by decluttering your home starting with high-traffic areas first. Decluttering will also allow new way for fresh decor that line up with your 2023 decorating goals.


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It may sound counter-intuitive to tell you to declutter and then decorate straight after but we highly suggest you challenge yourself to take this opportunity to start the new year with new home decorating habits. Rather than investing in 'highgly-trendy' decorative pieces for your home, we challenge you to lean more towards investing in timeless pieces that exhibit longevity and durability in their composition, and classicism in their design. As the world moves forward in sustainability you could start small by adding recycled cushions to your space that have a continuing aesthetic which will last from season to season. Check out our latest Zaab range here that features a combination of cushions, rugs and throws made from Recycled Cotton and PET Polyester.


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Create Comfort


The festive period provides a great opportunity to furnish your windows in preparation for the heat, the sun, the privacy and more! Historically we have had some awfully hot christmas days and you always find yourself huddled inside near a cool aircon or fan. Take this time to ensure your windows are properly dressed with either curtains or blinds so you can draw them to create some shade when the sun comes blazing in: and some privacy during lunch or afternoon drinks with your loved ones. Blockout and lined curtains and blinds have been proven to provide enduring UV benefits for not only your furnishings but the inhabitants in your home. You can read more about these benefits by clicking here.


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