Join us as we share with you our most beloved fabrics of 2022 at Basford Brands




Pilbara has been a fan favouite for many years now and 2022 was no different. Pilbara ended up at the top of our 2021 list and now again this year and we are not mad about it because it is a truly beauitful fabric. The genius blend of Polyester and Linen is what provides it with a unique and outstanding drape and finish. The refined slub is consistent throughout - as an inherent quality of Linen - and is softened visually, and to the touch, by its Polyester component. Pilbara has proved to be a game changing fabric and has, since launch, paved the way for many other fabric discoveries and developments. It is for these reasons why Pilbara has formed one of our most loved fabrics two years in a row!


Pilbara Fabric by Maurice Kain.jpg




We are not surprised that Odin has made our top fabrics of 2022 list! One of our most popular sheer fabrics was expanded by popular request in 2019 to incorporate 8 new exciting yarn dyed colours while still keeping all the great shades you came to love, and since then it has grown even more in popularity (if this was even possible!). The organic slubs of this fabric mimics all the most desirable features of a classic Linen sheer, with the undeniable ease of a Polyester which is why it remains a fan favourite for both our workrooms and our customers around Australasia.


Odin Fabric by Maurice Kain.jpg




We bet you knew this one was coming... and so did we! Australia's MOST POPULAR sheer fabric has already been rejuvenated multiple times now and we are excited to say that it will again be re-coloured in the new year to align with the latest interior design trends. Not only is it Fire Retardant to AS/NZS 1530.2 and 3, it suits both the functional needs of a domestic and commercial space due to its soft handle and 330cm drape. Southport is a true piece of artwork on the window which is why it is constantly picked by home decorators and workrooms around Australia and New Zealand. Stay tuned for a brand new Southport 330 in 2023!


Southport Fabric by Maurice Kain.jpg




This universally loved Jacquard fabric, which recieved an extended colourline in 2020 has creeped into our list of most loved fabrics of 2022! Latitude has been woven to create an embroidery look incorporating an irregular stripe to create a relaxed and unstructured feel. A subtly decorative fabric Woven continuously with a wide width of 300cm Latitude lends itself to be used on wave tracks perfectly which is why it has been so well loved this year with s-fold headings and tracks being the in-trend curtain design style.


Latitude Fabric by Maurice Kain.jpg


Santa Cruz and Evolution (Darwin Collection)


A decorative double duo makes our fifth and final favourite of 2022. The Darwin Collection showcases two coordinating designs presented in a fresh and contemporary colour range. Santa Cruz is an impressionistic floral with flowing movement offering a carefree charm while Evolution is a graduated vertical stripe using a technical weave which conveys a hand-drawn stripe effect providing an energising surface texture. The designs hold a sense of timelessness which is why they are able to incorporated into interiors year-on-year. Aside from the design, the Poly/Cotton base cloth has also been well received from workrooms around Australia and New Zealand.


Darwin Collection by Maurice.jpg