Outdoor Cushions Features and Benefits


After what may have seemed like an endless wet Spring season we are finally starting to reap the benefits of the warm Summer season this 2023. Although Summer eludes feelings of joy, happiness, and fun your outdoor furniture and soft furnishing may not feel the same on the scorching 30-degree days we are starting to experience. Although furniture and soft furnishings can still degrade even behind your window, your outdoor cushions, rugs and throws do not have that extra layer of protection which is why it is so important to look for outdoor furniture and soft furnishings that are designed with the Australasian climate in mind. Our Zaab outdoor cushions have been specifically constructed to withstand the harsh heated elements. Here are a few features and benefits of our outdoor cushion ranges and why they are the best choice for any outdoor entertaining environment.


Zaab Outdoor Cushions.jpg


Zaab outdoor cushions are made from 100% Polyester


A long-lasting material will allow you to get the most out of your cushions (and, thus, your patio). Polyester is a great fabric for outdoor cushions with it being water, mould, and mildew resistant. Spun polyester will last for years; in fact, it’s twice as durable as cotton or polyester-cotton blends. This means the fabric is great for cushions that will encounter children, pets, and so on, that gather in your outdoor entertaining area.


Zaab outdoor cushions are printed with high UV dye


Everyone loves a bit of personality on their outdoor cushions, and why should we have to sacrifice this with decorating our entertainment areas? With Zaab cushions you don’t have to! All of our printed outdoor cushions are printed with a unique high UV dye meaning the pattern is protected against soil, stains, and fading. Many of our outdoor cushions designs are also reversable, which means you get two different prints/patterns for the price of one! This is perfect for changing up your outdoor area season on season with little to no effort or investment.


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Zaab outdoor cushions are generously sized


There is nothing worse than cushions looking small and unimpactful. Imagine having this beautiful outdoor entertaining area, only for your guest’s eye to gaze straight towards the minute little cushion that sits at the corner of the chairs. Often, outdoor accessories like cushions can make or break your entertaining area, so you always want to pick large sized cushions that will elevate the area and provide enough back support for guests that are relaxing outside. All Zaab outdoor cushions are 50cm large which makes them perfect for a large variety of outdoor dining and lounging furniture pieces.


Zaab outdoor cushions are low maintenance


Once the season starts, you pull out your outdoor furniture and cushions with the intention to bring them in every evening but let’s be honest, this doesn’t happen. Our outdoor cushions are designed with this in mind. You can leave your cushion out all season with little to no ongoing maintenance because the fabric resists stains (due to its low absorbency) and as a result is easy to clean.


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By keeping these features and benefits in mind, you’ll be able to determine the best type of cushions for your outdoor area. With Zaab you will have a variety of options to choose from and plenty of information to make a great decision. We offer a large range of trend focused, quality and affordable outdoor cushions designs and collections. After all, you naturally want comfortable pieces that look like nobody else’s!