From a twist on a traditional demask Fil Coupe to opulent texture and timeless drapery, these new drapery ranges are the perfect way to refresh your space and embrace new life in your home!




Maurice Kain Drapery Maurice Kain Drapery


A plain yet livable collection: the brief for Sardinia was to house a collaboration between composition and creative texture. A result that would deem the collection suitable for either end of the decorative spectrum. A distinct, tactile memory that is soft to the touch and visually appealing to the eye. Sardinia has been designed to coordinate with Isabella, a decorative photo-realistic print within the Maurice Kain library. Sardinia is suitable for Drapery applications only.


MK Sardinia Drapery.jpg




Maurice Kain Drapery Maurice Kain Drapery


The Castella collection consists of a jacquard woven Fil Coupe sheer design with a delicate crushed finish across 4 neutral colourways. A twist on the traditional demask design, the pattern lends itself to a formal decorating scheme while the burnt Fil Coupe technique adds a touch of dramatic flair. A generous combination of Polyester and Cotton come together to offer superior light-filtering qualities, making it suitable for tasteful layering on the window.


MK Castella Drapery.jpg