Where function meets design featuring Abaca drapery by Maurice Kain


"There is nothing more satisfying in our business, than when a unique idea comes to fruition. And that’s exactly the joy we got to experience when creating this beautiful set of fabric panels for our client…and it all started with a spark of inspiration! With a couple of photos and a vision, our client approached us with a desire to create a custom room divider that met all the needs of their restaurant. Simple, sophisticated, adjustable for easy food service and removable when desired. The challenge? To maintain and enhance the interiors décor. Our solution? A perfectly finished look based on flawless execution. And it all began with the fabric." - Beyond Curtains


Abaca by Maurice Kain.jpg


"The fabric, Abaca, was a perfect choice, matching brilliantly with the interior décor. With its texture and colour faultlessly combining with the upholstery, linen and colour scheme of the restaurant. The Duck egg coloured panels matched with the bar, the Almond coloured panels with the timber flooring and the whisper coloured panels with the walls." - Beyond Curtains


Abaca by Maurice Kain.jpg


"Back in our workroom, our amazing sewers put together these panels of alternative lengths, with bottom pockets, where timber lath was used for weight and symmetry. During installation the overall finished look came together in perfect harmony. With the use of Velcro hidden on the top of the timber beams, the asymmetrical panels were placed in positions that ultimately enhanced the aesthetic of the interior. Bringing an elegant and distinct vision to life." - Beyond Curtains


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