Spotlight on Sustainable Soft Furnishings: Embracing Eco-Chic with Rejuvenate, Deserts and Forests, and RE-Cycled Collections

We believe that sustainability should never compromise style. In a world where conscious living is gaining prominence, the demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly home decor is on the rise. At Basford, we are proud to present our additions to the eco-chic movement – the Rejuvenate, Deserts and Forests Collection as well as our RE-Cycled range. These recycled drapery products not only elevate your interiors but also contribute to a greener planet.


1. Rejuvenate: Revitalize Your Space with Eco-Luxury

Rejuvenate is more than just a fabric; it's a commitment to environmental consciousness and sophistication. This luxurious drapery, measuring an impressive 320cm, is crafted from recycled Polyester. What makes it truly remarkable is that each meter of Rejuvenate fabric contains 81 recycled one-litre plastic bottles, preventing them from ending up in landfills. The color palette, a fusion of warm and cool neutrals, mirrors the diverse shades found in nature. With subtle textures and a touch of personality, Rejuvenate is the epitome of sustainable luxury for any interior aesthetic. Rejuvenate was our introduction to the recycled materials world and has since then set a very high standard for future sustainable soft-furnishings.


Rejuevnate Recycled Drapery Fabric.jpg


2. Deserts and Forests: Unleash Nature's Elegance Indoors

Building on the success of our original recycled innovations, the Deserts and Forests Collection encapsulates environmental luxury. Crafted from 100% Recycled Polyester, each meter of fabric incorporates 81 recycled one-litre plastic bottles. This collection introduces a dual selection of drapery fabrics in five earth-inspired tones. The sheer and solid lineup provides endless options for blending and sculpting in your home, creating unique and sustainably-oriented interiors. Tested as Fire Retardant in accordance with AS/NZS1530.2 and 3, Deserts and Forests ensures safety without compromising style. Deserts and Forests allow for multi-dimensional styling on the window, pairing sheers with solids to create interesting depth of texture in the home.


Deserts and Forests Recycled Drapery Fabric.jpg


3. RE-Cycled: Embrace Earth Tones with Sustainable Style

The RE-Cycled collection is our first hybrid trio that brings in the best attributes of Polyester on the window mixed with the sustainability of recycled.A complete collection bringing contemporary appeal to the world of sustainable fabrics. The Re-cycled collection; comprised of Re-Vive, Re-Fresh and Re-new is the embodiment of a multitude of textures. Re-Vive showcases a chunky thick weave; Re-New has a soft handle with a thick and thin effect, while Re-Fresh boasts a brushed surface.


Recycled Drapery Fabric.jpg