Celebrity Home: Get the look with similar soft-furnishings

Celebrity homes are some of the most beautiful in the world. Interior lovers gaze in awe at the lavish interiors, high ceilings, luxurious decor, and indvidualised charm achieved through what one would consider 'significant investment'. The good news is that you don't need a 'Hollywood-sized budget' to infuse a touch of celebrity-inspired chic into your home. In this blog, we'll embark on a journey through the luxurious interiors of some of our favorite stars and unveil the secrets to achieving a similar aesthetic; all through the power of carefully selected soft-furnishings. Whether you're drawn to the timeless grace of classic Hollywood or the contemporary chic of modern-day celebrities, we've got you covered.


Rita Oras London Home.jpg


Rita Ora's charming Victorian-era home in North London

The singer's cosy historical home with a fascinating past is filled with unexpected vintage finds. Built in 1877, it was once home to the illustrator Arthur Rackham, whose work includes Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, and more. It is Grade II listed, meaning that although Ora renovated it a bit after purchasing the home in 2021, she was not allowed; nor did she want to make any major changes. The renovations mainly consisted of restoring the floors and roof, redoing the bathrooms, pipes, and electricity, and upgrading the kitchen. In another down-to-earth move, Ora furnished the home mostly with vintage finds from London’s famous Portobello Road Market; most of the items she’d already owned and used in previous homes. Rita pairs this vintage-infused interior with stunning, vibrant red-current curtains. From the picture it looks as if she has opted for a soilid natural material: perhaps Linen or Cotton potentially backed with a solid lining. To get this look we would suggest our Kingslea 100% Linen drapery in the colourway Scoria. Pairing it with a Filigree blockout lining will help add protection on the window.

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Kate Walsh Perth Home.jpg


Kate Walsh's laid-back Perth home

Relocating to WA during the pandemic, Walsh's Perth pad is designed to make the most of the coastal Australian lifestyle. With sweeping ocean views, Walsh says the beach is one of the highlights of living in Western Australia; so it naturally steered her the design direction of her Perth home. “For this specific house in Perth I really wanted to go for a more minimal look with neutrals and let the landscape be the jewel in the crown" said the Emily in Paris actress. She has opted for light and breezy sheer curtains on her ocean-view windows which displays a beautiful drape and what could be a textured Linen/Poly composition - reflective of the relaxed and unfussy Australasian way of life. If you are wanting to achieve a similar look we would highly recommend our Lithgow fabric in colourway Flax or Paper. Lithgow features a beautiful blend of Linen and Polyester and showcases a very similar drape on the window to what you see in the image above. The perfect option for a relaxed yet minimal look.

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Kourtney Kardashion Calabasas Home.jpg


Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's surprisingly tranquil Calabasas abode

Their vision translated into a decidedly subdued colour scheme, tailored ensembles of linen-covered upholstery, warm wood accent pieces heavy on patina, and custom furnishings inspired by midcentury classics. Barker admits that the restrained vibe is a bit of a departure from some of his previous residences. “I’ve had homes with lots of flashy cars, murals, and bikes hanging from the ceiling. But with three children of my own, plus Kourtney’s kids, this place felt right for this moment in my life." said Barker. Given that natural fibers seem to be prominant in the remainder of their soft-furnishings we highly suspect they have Linen curtains of some sort hanging from their arched steel-framed windows. The curtains look thick and solid which is why we would recommend our Frontier fabric from our Outland collection. With an erray of natural colours to choose from, any would be a close match to the Kardashian-Barker look however we recommend our Linen colourway for the closest match.

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Cara Delevingnes home in Los Angeles.jpg


Cara Delevingne’s kaleidoscopic, carnival-themed Los Angeles home

With a ball pit, costume room, and other eclectic treasures, Delevingne crafts her own wonderland. The white-brick residence, nominally English-country style, was built in 1941 for members of the Von der Ahe family, founders of the Vons supermarket chain. One of the most fascinating aspects of the renovation is the fact that Delevingne and Bini kept much of the previous owner’s furniture, an unlikely prospect given the complexion of the erstwhile decor. Her kitchen is a visionary of carinval meet Hamptons and we are living for it! The wood and gold accents act as the perfect colour pairing to the royal blue splashed across the cabinetry. On the window a lavishly-thick blue and white stripe roman blind. If you wanting to replicate this fun and funky look on your windows we recommend our Riverhead fabric from our Hamptons Collection in colourway Coastal. Although not a complete design match, we do think it is a more residentially-astute look to the actresses lavish, celebrity style.

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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis home.jpg


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis open up their luxe LA farmhouse

The superstar couple tapped Howard Backen and Vicky Charles to craft a soulful home at one with the land. The house’s refined architectural vocabulary and rugged materials palette provided a springboard for the work of AD100 interior designer Vicky Charles of Charles and Co., who joined the project just as she was exiting her post as global head of design for Soho House. "We loved the way she mixed fabrics, patterns, textures—really her whole aesthetic. We spent months looking at materials and colours to find the right visual language," Kunis says. Curtains in unusual places is beginning a more popular notion and in the image above we suspect they opted for a 100% polyester base fabric to sustain and tolerate the moisture-dense environment. If you hoping to secure a durable and sturdy fabric for any place in your home; even the unusual ones, we highly suggest choosing our ever popular Southport fabric in colourway Arctic. Dubbed as Australasia's most sheer drapery we see it being a perfect match to the Kutcher-Kunis interior.

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Ryan Korban home in New York City.jpg


Discover interior designer Ryan Korban's opulent NYC townhouse

Korban initiated a top-to-toe renovation, painting the duplex his signature pale grey and custom-designing a range of furniture in his “half-Romantic, half-Brutalist” style. Korban made his name a decade ago, designing retail flagships for the likes of Balenciaga and Alexander Wang, but in recent years he has become just as well-known for his residential work, including spaces for James Franco and Ye (the artist formerly known as Kanye West). Korban’s new-and-improved uptown residence represents a subtle evolution. Neutrals dominate this space with potent black curtains as the feature. We love seeing 'left-of-centre' colours in window furnishings and black is no exception. The first fabric that comes to mind is our Bliss collection in colourway Beluga. We are not 100% sure whether Ryan's curtains feature a velvet finish but they look elegantly soft in the image and Beluga is almost an identical colour-match.

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Lilly Allen and David Harbour home in Brooklyn.jpg


Inside the eccentric Brooklyn brownstone of Lily Allen and David Harbour

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world at the Brooklyn town house of Lily Allen and David Harbour. Dressed in an intrepid pasticcio of chintz balloon shades, crystal chandeliers, pink silk, tiger-patterned textiles, and Mylar wallpaper, the home issues a full-throated rebuke to the current vogue for hushed good taste wrapped in a straitjacket of beige. This interior screams maximalist vibes and we are loving it from head-to-toe. The canvas for the couple’s freewheeling exercise in decorative derring-do is a stately late-19th-century Italianate brownstone. The eccentricities of the house extend to both the extravagant decor and the atypical layout. Consider the primary bath–cum–sitting room on the second level. With its wall-to-wall floral carpet, Zuber wallpaper, and sink stands crafted from Louis XVI–style commodes of gilt bronze and parquetry, the room is a far cry from the modern ablutionary splendour of sleek book-matched-marble walls and sculptural freestanding tubs. Looking at this interior we jump straight to our recently launched, and exclusively licensed Laura Ashley collection. With an abundance of floral and decorative designs to choose from you are sure to find something that emulates Lilly and David's maximalist interior.

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