3 Ways to get the Hamptons Look in your Home

The sophisticated Hamptons style of interior design brings a sense of calm and tranquillity to any room. The timeless mix of beach-inspired decor and timber furniture sees neutral tones topped off by beautiful blues and greens.

If you love the Hamptons style for your home then here are 3 ways to get it!


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Featured here is Zaab Layla and Oxford cushions; Dulux Paint in colours Silk Sox and Casper white; Lounge Lovers Venice chaise sofa; and TileMall tiles in Picasso Bloom Baby Blue.


Use colours inspired by the beach like blues, beige and white


Incorporating colours like blue, beige and white have strong resonance with the ocean and thus gives off a feeling of tranquility and peace - an inherent part of what the Hamptons interior hopes to achieve. These colours are also 'timeless' and thus don't go out of fashion easily with fad interior trends. Incorporating colour through paint, decor and accessories is a cheap and easy way to start transitioning your interiors to a Hamptons theme. We recommend picking up a few blue cushions with a classic design to get your journey started. A light-blue feature wall is also a great way to capitalise on the coastal vibe. If you are looking for something that has less of an upfront financial investment try placing fresh blue flowers on your entrance or dining room table, or changing some of the handles on your cabinets or draws.



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Featured here is the Maurice Kain Hamptons collection


Incorporate soft furnishings with a Hamptons theme


Window furnishings are a sophisticated way to set the tone for your home and bring a space together creating a well-rounded look. Decorative drapery fabric, such as our Hamptons Collection, can be a sure fire way to achieve the Hamptons look in an interior and aside from completely softening a room, also adds a stunning feature piece to the wall and window. The Maurice Kain Hamptons collection highlights how timeless design can bring balance and comfort to your spaces—whether in the living room, bedroom or elsewhere. Featured in a trio of oceanic-inspired tones, Calverton, Riverhead, and Manorville feature a classic curved design with a modern, distinctive and sculptural twist: timeless for a balanced aesthetic in the home bringing endless opportunity for interior expression.



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Add wainscoting for classic architectural detail


Wainscoting is a tell-tail hamptons attribute and adds instant sophistication to any interior. This is a favourite of ours because it is so easy to achieve and the result is without a doubt timeless and elevated. Depending on your budget wainscoting can be easily DIY'd by either purchasing pre-made wooden slats which can be stuck to the wall and then painted over, or opting for pre-made wainscoting squares which can be positined and stuck on. If you are looking for something more permanent we encourage you to consider wooden finishes opposed to plastic or silicon, however if you are facing a tight budget then pre-made squares might be the best option for you.