Every year, fashions and fads change. Interior trends are incredibly dependent on current economic events, consumers insights, historical data, forecasting talent, and most important, publishing publicity.

This is how we see it happening...

Innovators are the ones responsible for bringing an idea to life. Early adopters, who have significant influence, then drive trends towards becoming a reality. That is when you start to see it in influential design magazines like Vogue Living etc. The early majority are fans or followers of early adopters and constitute a big piece of the masses. These are the design influences of the general market, to put it more simply, the pages you follow on Instagram for “inspiration”. The late majority do not easily jump onto a trend. They will first observe how the early majority is doing before joining in. Then finally, the laggards are the last adopters of trends. These people are the everyday consumer. Once a trend reaches the laggards it will, often, die down, or if lucky, or truly timeless, perhaps establish itself as some kind of “norm”, however this is becoming far less frequent as years pass by.



Keeping up to keep...?

Most of the everyday consumer base are then forced to do one of two things, just stick with the outdated trend because they invested far too much money in actually adopting it, or do their very best to move onto the next one, only for the same cycle to perform a magical 180 degrees and leave the consumer exactly where they started (not really magical, actually quite discouraging).

Because of this, it makes it very hard for the everyday consumer, to keep up! It is for this reason why we ask the question…. To Trend or not to Trend? Should we, the everyday Joe, the nuts and bolts of the consumer society, give into the high-class trends that are spread out like paint across fancy magazines and design influences Instagram pages? Most of us want our homes to look like those pages, but it can seem nearly impossible when in order to achieve that, you need to be spending thousands of dollars on concrete coffee tables and luxury boucle bed heads every few months.

If this sounds like you, keep reading!

Our interior designers have one bit of advice, possibly the most important advice you can ever read…. and that is…. trend but trend easy! When you are wanting to up-do your interior, pick trends that will last over fads that will fade. This will trickle down through the rest on your decision making, and as a result, when you choose furniture, or curtains, or wall paint, you will be picking it because of its ability to be timeless, rather that its ability to impress a few guests for a short period of time. You will end up with a few high-quality pieces of furnishings in your home that will impress each and every time! WE GUARANTEE IT!


1. Take everything with a pinch of salt.

If you are wanting to update without breaking the bank, avoid changing permanent fixtures in your home. Think of it as iff you had to turn your house upside down, everything that does not fall should be left alone.

For example, yes Pantone of the year for 2021 is Illuminating Yellow 13-0647, does that mean you need to paint it all over your walls? Definitely not! Don’t do this, why? Because colour trends change ALL THE TIME. You would need to become a professional painter to keep up with the amount of times you would need to paint your walls a colour to keep up with ever changing trend preferences! Instead, pop some yellow throw cushions on your couch, incorporate yellow flowers on your entrance table, is it simply that easy. It would also pay to know that colours often have a certain affect on your emotions, therefore if you put blue all over your walls because Vogue told you to, you might effect your mood and internal conscience without even knowing it. You can read more about how colour effects your feelings here.


2. Do, but do not overdo!

Let us say, you see something online in a blog you'r reading that says indoor plants are the new best thing! You like this idea so you go out and buy every Lilly, Fiddly Fig and coffee table succulent you can find to hop on the bandwagon. You feel great because you are officially on the trend table, but the problem with this is, because it is an “easy to achieve” trend, you get overly excited and next the next thing you know the inside of your house looks like the family home from Jumanji… yes you know exactly what we are talking about. THE CRAZY JUNGLE FROM JUMANJI. 

That is why you must try your hardest not to over-do it and pratice restraint with your trend purchases. One plant here and there can have a beautiful impact, but too many can give the complete opposite effect. Apply this rule to any interior trend you read or hear about and take everything with a pinch of salt.




3. Think smart not hard

There are so many things you can do to your home to have it looking top notch without giving into a particular trend craze! After all, it's your house, you live there, it should represent who you are. However, if you are looking for ways to make your home interior feel more comfortable and stylish, try adding window furnishings like curtain drapery to your windows. Curtains can have an abundance of positive effects on your home such as; making your ceiling height look taller, making your space feel more warm and comforting, and lastly, giving the impression of a more well-rounded interior scheme, and the best thing is… curtains never go out of style! If you do not believe us, look at the top 10 interior design magazines, curtains are in every single interior room photo!

Check out some of our popular curtain drapery options here.


4. If you simply must. Then fine.

And lastly, if you simply must dive headfirst into a particular trend craze, be smart with how you incorporate it. Rather than going out and buying a $2000 boucle couch, pick up a few good quality boucle cushions instead and spread them out over your current lounge furniture. This way, once the trend dies down, you can easily cull the aftermath of the trend without major financial loss.

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